Nelly - small 2016Nelly’s love affair with quilting started in 1985 while attending graduate school at the University of Montana. One day, while walking into the University Library, she saw the most beautiful landscape quilt hanging at the entrance. She said to herself, “I have to learn to do that”. Three days later she was at Geneva Cheffy’s home and her life changed forever. Geneva took Nelly under her wing and opened another world for her. Quilting is her world, despite trying other things quilting always draws her back!

Since she was a young girl she has enjoyed working with threads and fabric. She used to love watching her mom sew.  She has mastered many techniques and she is always looking for easier and more efficient ways to construct quilts. She likes taking classes and discovering new things. Quilting never gets old. There seems to be infinite paths to explore, always something else to try and something new to learn. Quilting is a creative outlet and good therapy. It makes her happy and keeps her stimulated and relaxed. Quilting gives Nelly a voice to leave a legacy.

For about twenty years she has been sharing her knowledge as a freelance teacher. Nelly teaches quilt construction techniques and machine quilting. Since 2008 she has taught for the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo which takes her all over the US. She also teaches private workshops, gives lectures and does trunk shows. Nelly loves sharing her talent with her students and willingly encourages them to reach beyond what they consider their normal limits. She is a passionate teacher and  loves quilting.

She designs and publishes quilting patterns and when time permits, she works on other people’s quilts using her long-arm machine.

She has had numerous patterns published in several issues of Modern Patchwork Magazine.

She continuously participates in International, National, regional and local quilt/art competitions and has won numerous awards. Most recently, her work has been included in many exhibits with The Textile Art Alliance of the Cleveland Museum of Art as well as her own solo exhibits.

Nelly enjoys reading, traveling and outdoor activities. She lives with her husband in Aurora, Ohio.