HAZARDOUS MATERIALS     Friday, March 27, 2015    1 – 4

HAZARDOUS-MATERIALS-CLASS-SMALL-with signatureThis is a smaller version of the one recently featured in “Modern Patchwork Magazine. Working with Nelly’s 60 degree triangle ruler, strips of fabric and employing one of her fast-and-accurate construction techniques, create a fun, modern quilt top. Easily finished as a small table runner, a skinny wall hanging or even a bed runner, it’s far easier than it looks, and not dangerous at all! Learn to join pieces on the bias, place colors and accents for drama, and discuss quilting options to bring out the motif. Bring your own fabric. Supply list provided. In the Bernina Studio sponsored by Abigayle’s Quiltery.

To sign up for this class go to  http://www.sewingexpo.com/ClevelandOH/ClassDetails/tabid/682/EventID/116/ClassID/8611/Default.aspx


LILY PADS-small-written overOne of the greatest things about a modern quilt is all the open space to be filled with quilting motifs. And yet, all that space can seem overwhelming. Using her own quilts (just featured in Modern Patchwork), Nelly shows you how to divide the space into manageable sections, then fill it with designs that create a unique, artful composition. See several different approaches and many design possibilities as you learn to create incredible texture, complement the patchwork and make your quilt sing!   In the Bernina Studio sponsored by Abigayle’s Quiltery.
To sign up for this class go to http://www.sewingexpo.com/ClevelandOH/ClassDetails/tabid/682/EventID/116/ClassID/8613/Default.aspx
PLAYFUL RINGS   Saturday, March 28, 2015,  8:30  –  11:30
PLAYCExplore ways to extend your quilt-making creativity with Nelly’s trademark precision and easy guidance. You’ll learn to mindfully cut and carefully place the center of this small project in a way that’s not only artful, but generates a layout that can be sewn efficiently. Of course you’ll avoid ‘y’ seams! The class is about finding pleasure and developing confidence in your creative process, providing immense personal satisfaction. Discussion includes fabric choice, placement and finishing. Leave with your project laid out on a designer’s wall (batting for easy transport), or partially stitched. Either way, you’ll be ready to complete your piece at home and go on to happily create more unique and personal quilt projects. Bring your own fabric. see supply provided.
To sign up for this class go to http://www.sewingexpo.com/ClevelandOH/ClassDetails/tabid/682/EventID/116/ClassID/8612/Default.aspx
WHIRLING AROUND   Saturday, March 28, 2015,  12:30  –  3:30

WHIRLING AROUNDNo more fear of curves!  See and learn one of Nelly’s favorite quilt-making techniques – the one she uses to create curves without sewing any!  You’ll use it over and over as you assemble this tessellating design which is actually constructed using squares — exclusively.  Explore how to create dynamic movement with color choices, and discuss finishing options for a dynamic quilt. Bring your own fabric; supply list provided.    In the Bernina Studio sponsored by Abigayle’s Quiltery. To sign up for this class go to http://www.sewingexpo.com/ClevelandOH/ClassDetails/tabid/682/EventID/116/ClassID/8620/Default.aspx