39” x 39”
Finished: March 2013

In memory of my friend Mary Frank, who lost a war to breast cancer in March 2011. I love Mary. She made me realize that working at the beat of my own drum is not such a bad thing. This quilt contains threads from Mary’s embroidery shop and from my longarm machine. There are bits of hand dyed wool-yarn, bits of fabric and Angelina fibers from important friends.
I enjoyed very much making this quilt. Throughout the process it looked like “happiness”, but then, I added the tulle and it clouded up. Yet, that’s how life is; you can be very happy until life takes a turn for the worse and the Happiness becomes Clouded Up.
Juried and exhibited at the 37th Annual Fairmount Art Exhibition, Novelty, Oh. Awarded an Honorable Mention Ribbon. Fiber category. June 2013.
Exhibited at Quilts 2014 Lake Farmpark, Kirtland, OH. Awarded Honorable Mention Ribbon in Art category.
Juried and exhibited at American Quilters Society Quilt Week in Des Moines, Ia. October 2013.