I would like to say a quilt is not finished until it gets a label and a hanging sleeve. Most of my quilts do have labels.

Why put labels on your quilts?  Well, for everyone to know who made the quilt, why, for whom, who quilted it, where was it made, when was it made, what pattern was used to make it, or was it an original design? What kind of fabrics were used, where they from a kit? or did the maker selected them herself? What kind of batting was used and anything else you can think of.

I use labels that are commercially made or sometimes I make my own.

Commercially made labels are sold as a panel and the labels need to be cut apart

Labels cut and ready to use

Whether I make my own or I use already made labels,  I still have to write the information on them.  I use several kinds of pens/markers, but all of them are made to write or draw on fabric. I do NOT use sharpie markers to write on fabric. I use Fabrico, Identi-Pen, Fabricolor and  Micron pens. Fabrico, Identi-Pen and Fabricolor  have double tips, a thin and a thick tip. I use the thin tip to write and the thicker tip to color or draw. Below are the ones I do use.


Let me walk you through the process.

Take a piece of freezer paper, press it to make it flat. Freezer paper is ironed on the dull side, never on the shiny side, the shiny side will stick to the iron.  Remove the flattened down freezer paper from the ironing board. On the dull side of the freezer paper, using a fine sharpie pen and a ruler, trace several lines

Select a label, then place it right side down on the ironing board, press it. Place the shiny side of the freezer paper on the wrong side of the label, press. Now you have stabilized your label and can easily write on it. (I would practice on a piece of fabric first). You should be able to see the lines through the fabric to help you write straight.  Place the stabilized label on a smooth surface and write the information.

Remove the label from the freezer paper and press to set the ink.

Label is done

Remove label from freezer paper and press to set ink

Here are some labels I have made and used in the past.